Bar & Restaurant Game Shows

Bar and Restaurant owners should consider GAME SHOW instead of boring trivia or Bad Karaoke singers…’s why.

When someone compares trivia to game show our response is “That’s like comparing the NFL to Flag Football”, there are some similarities, but we entertain the crowd.  The truth is who cares who ruled 14th century France.  But can you name the housekeeper from the Brady Bunch?


Of course…. We all know it was Alice!

Our Bar owners who have a sports theme have found our brand of Sports trivia to their cash registers liking, we keep them sitting and most importantly drinking and eating.

Do something different than the old “DJ” thing, it’s better than KARAOKE,
because with Karaoke not EVERYBODY can sing can they?

How many times have you yelled at the TV during a Game Show and said “C’mon everybody should know THIS!” Now’s your chance to actually play the game yourself.

With Game Show Party everyone who wants to play, can play, and you know people are very competitive, and who doesn’t like Game Shows? They are as American as Apple pie!

Bar owners have told us that we improve their bottom line and keep the crowds coming back week after week.  Read what our clients have said on the testimonials page for more reasons why you should consider Game Show Party